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A collection of random things I've done, some are process oriented, but mostly just projects that I found interesting enough to photograph.

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80 Days

3 Musketeers

Beauty & the Beast


Ring of Fire/Hedwig

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Spam Thumb

Bountiful Thumb NatGreene thumb Snow thumb

Forbidden Planet


Bountiful Nathaniel Greene Snowy Mountains

M42A thumb

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Croc  thumb Giraffe thumb Bricks Thumb

Murder For Two

Murder For Two Floor




GCM Thumb

Crowns Thumb

Disgraced Thumb

Tunnel Arch



Around the World In 80 Days (2012)
Designed by Kim Powers

This is in process of painting what eventually was going to be a large wall section, and it was all going to get cut up to accomodate windows and doors.


The Three Musketeers (2015)
Designed by Robin Vest

Just a painted bit of drapery, what was memorable about this was that I only had a couple of hours to paint it, so I painted it entirely with rollers and spatter.

(This photo has been flipped so you can see the drapery as it would be hung for the show)


Beauty and the Beast (2006)
Designed by Committee

I was always happy with the way the town buildings turned out here, considering that it's just two cutout flats.


Car Front Ends (2001/2022)

Sooner or later you find yourself painting the same thing again.

The first car front is from Smokey Joe's Cafe in 2001. This one is about 12 ft wide and is the front of a rolling bandstand.
The second car is from The Buddy Holly Story in 2022. It is only about 6 ft wide.


Ring of Fire / Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2016)
Designed by David Rawlins

Ring of Fire closed on a Sunday and Hedwig opened just a few days later...


Return to the Forbidden Planet (2014)
Designed by David Rawlins

This is me with a one-eyed monster puppet I made for this show, The monster appeared as a video element.


Spamalot art (2014)

A painting I did in the style of Drew Struzan, using photos I had taken of the cast of Spamalot. This uses a technique of starting with a B/W pencil drawing then airbrushing color on top of that, and then working with colored pencils and opaque paint to add detail.


The Trip to Bountiful - marquee sign (2015)

This was part of a marquee sign for Bountiful, I used the same technique as the previous Spamalot art, but instead of starting with a pencil drawing, I did a gray scale underpainting and then sprayed thin layers of color on top of that.


Nathaniel Greene statue trade show cutout (2014)

This was double sided, so I had to carefully design this so the cutout portions were identical even though the painted in details accurately depicted the left and right sides of the actual statue.


Winter Backdrop (2021)

This was for the Arts Council of Fayetteville. It was a photo backdrop and there was a sleigh parked in front of it
which is why I didn't bother with painting any detail in the lower half


Murder For Two (2021)
Designed by Dave Griffie

This production was mounted in an abandoned garage with the idea that the increased ventilation would help prevent Covid transmission.
These two arches have a lot of hand carved styrofoam details applied and are also specifically built to conceal the two car hoists that are part of the garage. There is a painted wooden floor beneath all the saw dust.


Murder For Two (2021)
Designed by Dave Griffie

The painted wooden floor before it was covered in dust.


Peter and the Starcatcher (2017)
Designed by David Rawlins

A cardboard crocodile that I built for this production. This was attached to the proscenium that framed the show.


Giraffe (2011)

Part of an African wildlife mural painted in a private residence outside of Washington DC


Thoroughly Modern Millie (2006)

A wall of bricks. I think this is actually a drop.


Greensboro Children's Museum (2009)

Painted this tunnel arch and surrounding walls for the museum's new train display


Crowns (2018)

Images for part of the marquee sign for this show. Portrait painting was not something I expected to encounter when I started doing scenic art many years ago.


Lettering - (2021)

I thought this would have been done with vinyl lettering, but that didn't happen, so I painted it all.
The shiny things inside the aircraft outline are brass seat markers from all the old theatre seats that had just been replaced.


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